Embarking on college life presents an opportunity for students to become independent for the first time in their lives in terms of determining for themselves issues that for the most part of their lives were solely the responsibility of their parents. Key among these issues is financial responsibility that students must learn not only in terms of being able to manage the money given to them by the parents or guardians but also in terms of striving to come up with means to raise some money on their own.
As a result of failure to exercise financial discipline many students may end up accumulating huge debts without even realizing the gravity of the matter. Surveys show that student debt levels may range between $5,000 to even as high as $70,000 leading to financial problems that may linger on with the students long after they have graduated. Here are but few of the financial issues students face.

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Fifteen of the most successful businessmen gathered to discuss and decide which the most important points are when you want to succeed. They publish this priceless information in a book written by Michael Gefrees.

1. Take full responsibility about your life and decisions.

In the modern community we used to accuse everything and everybody else expects ourself. The reason for our failure always is everywhere else, from our parents to the government. But if everything else takes the responsibility it took the charge too. The only reason for your present situation is nobody else but you. Only these one who do not take the role of the victim character will rise and succeed

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This infographics will showed about samples questions & how to answers them confidently. If you found some more questions & wanna answers them, don’t forget to add your comment.

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Most Asked Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them? [Infographics]

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To get your dream job, you have to think like your prospective employer. You must know what is going on in the manager’s mind when he selects a candidate. Below is a list of 7 most common reasons why a company will consider hiring you for a specific position:

You have a brilliant resume

Remember that your resume is your first impression in front of the prospective employer and you only get a single chance at it. Choose a resume template that is related to your industry, take a look at other people’s resumes and get help from professionals before you send your resume anywhere. You have to keep your resume up to date always.

Personal branding

Nowadays, your prospective employer can easily find you online because of the increasing number of social networking websites. Your public profile should be employee friendly and up to date. You can also start a blog, manage a forum or become active in a group on LinkedIn, for example. Also, by getting recommendations on your profile, you will receive resume references of old school. Although social media and online personal branding will take a lot of time, but you don’t have any option other than this.

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Most leading companies will turn to recruiting firms at one time or another to fill vital leadership positions. However, there are many recruiting agencies out there – how can you pick the top executive recruiting firms?Here are three criteria that won’t steer you wrong.

Only Work with the Best Candidates

A top head hunting firm does not go after anything but the absolute best of the best. They develop their network as broadly as possible among the top echelons of their industry, getting to know current key players as well as those up and coming stars t

hat are ready to make a substantial difference in a company. The candidates that a true executive recruiting firm courts are proven, both in terms of their leadership and ingenuity and in terms of their professionalism and commitment. Recruitment firms make their reputation on the performance of the candidates they place, meaning that the best firms will only place executives they have the highest confidence in.

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There is a lot of emphasis on getting a degree today. There are a lot of job opportunities that are also available for individuals who have higher post-graduate certificates. If you are struggling to choose a major, then you may want to take a look at what job opportunities computer science can offer.

Information technology is a booming industry and there are always jobs out there. Below is a list of just some of the career opportunities that will be available in this field for graduates.

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We all have heard stories of supervisors and bosses turning into the worst nightmares of employees. While there is an element of truth in some of these stories, it’s just a part of the bigger picture, not the picture itself. If you have been recently promoted to this “position of trust”, this article will help you so as to not end up being a part of a similar lore.

Supervisor is a general term used to refer to a person immediately superior to someone in the organization.  By superior we are talking in terms of the reporting hierarchy. For example, an executive’s supervisor will be the team leader while a team leader’s supervisor will be the manager i.e the person whom he directly reports to in the company. While being selected for a supervisor job is undoubtedly a matter of pride and delight, often the experience that follows the selection is not as smooth a ride as it first seems. Handling a team of individuals, where every person has his/her own way of thinking and natural characteristics, is certainly not an easy task. But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility and to handle that responsibility one must equip himself with the required skills beforehand to avoid any issues later on.

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I am glad to announced that theLIVEJOBS.com Official Online Media Partner for HR Summit 2013. Event will be held on April 14, 2013 at IBA main campus. HR Students, Professionals can join this event to explore their skills and abilities in human resource field.

About HR Summit 2013
HR SUMMIT remains the hallmark of Institute of Business Administration Human Resource Club. This year the theme of HR SUMMIT 2013 is “Occupational Well-being” a one day conference featuring guest speakers and participants from different companies who will all converge to IBA in order to share and discuss best practices, trends and industry news.

Registration Process: Click HERE.

Event Date: April 14, 2013.

Venue: IBA Main Campus, Gani Tayub Auditorium, Karachi.

 IBA continues it’s tradition of bringing to you the best of the best; this year once again the IBA Human Resource Club presents its hallmark event HR SUMMIT 2013. 

A day-long conference that will provide the most desired platform to the academia, business professionals – from inspirational entrepreneurs to transformational leaders and students who aim to become well-rounded personnel in their respective career, to interact and exchange their experience and expertise.

Besides the tremendous success of the past two HR Summits held in 2011 and 2012 which was proved by the overwhelmingly welcoming response from business and academic world evenly, there are several other reasons why the student-members of IBA HR Club have decided to put in their time, efforts and precious material resources towards the third consecutive summit. The organizing team of HR SUMMIT 2013 highlights the following reasons which according to them are also the benefits which the participants of this summit are guaranteed:

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Happening makes our life better and sometime tangled. My life story begins when “I” happened, it was a spark to continue to grow and eventually apart, the story of my life. It allows a journey to carry on. We always being in the quest of advancement of our life, many of us attained this point with their strength and a lot of us stood empty hands and faces. We all are blessed and capable. Then why, there is king and beggar when we all belong form same specie then why somewhere someone starves.

What we born, doesn’t matter what we choose to be, could make us or break us .Quest of lashing up our life style isn’t important, what is important is to lush our Soul. Make it better and great, when we’ll be on the advancement of our soul, positively the things around us enlightened and the things around us start glowing. This glow help’s others to see the right path and give them comfort and smile. Spread the smile and always try to become a reason of it.

Life has only four letters but countless hurdles, one after the other. The problem is not with the hurdles but with the way we handle them. We should be strong at every moment of life, no matter what the situations are, takes them as a challenge, face them resist them and finally beat them .

Always prepare for the next, and hope for the best .Think about your future, make it, because you are going to live your whole life in it .Don’t back off by looking the threats. Resist them and avail maximum opportunities. Everyone is placed by the nature where it grows best, means that the growing opportunities are always around us. What all we needed is to “Get them”.
To be a successful person, always expect the worst, respect the aversions and accept realities. Anything which is happening, It’s being in a cycle, you can’t stop it but yes, you can choose a direction and make your vision clear, be positive and focused always, and you’ll find a better way.

The objective of education is to prepare the young ones to educate themselves throughout their lives. educate a person means you are giving fragrance to flower; not limiting it but fragrance which enrich its surroundings like a treasure that keeps on increasing as much as you spread it, enlightening the path and soul . Education makes a difference between wild and wise.  This process began from cradle and end up at grave … a person is always being in a process of learning via your surroundings, mistakes n experiences. It allows a person to explore the world and make his life comfortable not only for materialistic matter but in realistic matter too. It is said He who opens a school door, closes a prison ,  its basic right of human being to break the prison of illiteracy and poverty ,surly he’ll start exploring the treasures of wisdom n knowledge via he can achieve the right n bright path for his life .

A society is combination of men women; old and young’s. Old people are the role model for the young one. As per law of nature child first learn from his/her mother .so every person in a society is learning from other. Why should be this learning face is positive. The only possibility is that education must be compulsory for every person in a society regardless of their age therefore every act would be positive and the learning too .In this way change will occur not only for individual level but general view.

Say no to illiteracy. You have one chance to make or break it… n education let u always make it …”Education is not Preparation for life; education is life itself.” so live your life. Let your country live life… We always use to pray “long lives Pakistan” it’s time to mean it to prove it.

A recent research indicated that 84% of the recruiters in United States check for online reputation of the job seeker before he makes a job offer to that person. This percentage seems to go up with the years. Research also shows that a job seeker is considered only though his online reputation. This is where, social networking sites comes into play. They are no longer craze, but a trend of the world. It has become the mainstream, to track down as person’s profile.

Your online reputation needs to be good on the social networks, to have a break in your career or job search. New jobs can open to you, only if your social credibility is good enough. It can open-up new connections, and jobs based on the quality of the content that is there on the social networking sites.  In short, your online visibility makes all the difference, to get your dream job.

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